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up to 50% less and
become a conscious eater. With AAHI you’re not only
saving your time and money, but you’re also doing the environment a big favor.

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How does AAHI work?

Browse current offers of unsold food near you or see them on the map. Keep in mind that not all businesses have unsold food every day. You won’t find any offers on a day when everything is sold out.

OUR TIP: if you don’t immediately see anything you like, keep the app on your phone so you can receive a notification when a new offer is published.

Order the food in the app and wait for the confirmation from the business. Don’t go to the shop yet!

We will keep you informed about the progress of your order via the push notifications. Once the order is ready, you can go to the shop to pick it up!

Show the QR code from the application so that the business knows it is you who paid for the order. You can also send this code to somebody else to pick up the order for you.

That’s it! Enjoy your meal!

Why should I order food through AAHI?

Great price

Our partner restaurants, coffee shops and hotels use AAHI app to offer meals, that weren't sold during opening hours or food, that needs to be consumed soon. That way, you get up to 50% discount with each purchase.

No need to cook

Save not just your money, but precious time as well. Too lazy to do anything tonight? Order delicious meal through AAHI mobile app, pick the order up… and you're done!

Help the environment

Food wasting, at all its stages, poses a global ecological threat. Everyone can contribute to the problem solution with just a little shift in their mind set — you could, for example, start using AAHI app and help reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away.

Enjoy quality food and become conscious eater

Download the app today to see delicious offers near you
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