About us

The ecological situation on our planet is becoming more disturbing every day. Unfortunately, the fault is mostly on us, humans, and on our much less that considerate behaviour. The good new is as we do have the power to damage, we also possess the ability to redeem what we’ve done. We’ve been interested in helping the environment for couple of years now, our findings and conscience lead us to the Zero Waste philosophy. We wanted to take the principles and apply them to a project, that would make sense.
AAHI is the result of our thoughts and reflections, beliefs, and teamwork. Through the app, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels can offer the leftover food, that would otherwise end up in trash, to AAHI customers for up to 50% less.

Why we are doing this?

tonnes of food is wasted every year in EU

tonnes of CO2 is generated in a vain

Our mission

Our goal is to connect restaurants, coffee shops and hotels with AAHI customers, so they can effectively and in a modern, comfortable way help reduce food waste, and thus make a positive impact on the environment.

Our vision

We would like everyone to start thinking more about their way of life and about the environmental impact it has. AAHI app is a tool that’s able to lessen the amounts of food that gets thrown away. In addition to restaurants, coffee shops and hotels, we also plan to bring in food